August 14, 2018

Hi All! What's good? My week kinda boring these days y'all. How about you guys?

Well, this time I personally want to talk about slip-on sneakers are super trendy right now and back then, the only shoes that go everlasting and I literally could not be happier about it.

I first noticed that slip-on sneakers (a more chic version of a regular lace-up sneaker) were make a huge come back. Isn't it? LOL, when I saw them gracing the pages of my favorite magazines and looking cute on some famous style bloggers. 

Then I went to many cool cafe and malls this month and noticed not one, but a lot of super stylish people prancing around in adorable slip-on sneakers. People got different style when they pair up sneakers, some were pairing them with boyfriend jeans and a nice leather jacket, but a lot of people were unexpectedly wearing them with dresses. 

This footwear is having a serious moment right now, so why don’t you try these functional must-haves with all your everyday essentials. So, why don’t you take an advantage of these extremely functional shoes, right?

One thing that can pull up my look lately is this slip-on shoes that I worn, this shoe is a collaboration between KEDS x KEDS SPADE! I bought it on!

On Mezzo is an official online store that is holding several brands, such as; Wakai, Keds, Paul Frank, Sperry etc. As dar as I know, besides strive to be one of the most recognizable E-commerce in Indonesia, OnMezzo also aims to be a fashion guideline for fashion enthusiasts. The good news is OnMezzo will launch somewhere in September. Can't be more excited!

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